As South Africans, we have all heard of the proverb, “it takes a village to raise a child”. This emphasises the role of the wider community, and also the country, in keeping children safe and putting the best interest of children first.

As South Africans, it is each citizen’s obligation to care for and look out for our children. It’s about living out the principles which have been at the core of our existence for years. It’s about Ubuntu.

It is devastating to read, hear and see news reports daily, which depict true stories of horror involving children.   
Child Protection Week has been held annually since 1998, under the leadership of the Department of Social Development. The aim of the campaign is to educate and mobilise communities to put children first. This year, Child Protection Week runs from 28 May to 3 June.

The national theme is “Working Together to Protect Children” as protecting children and creating a safe and secure environment is everyone’s responsibility. The theme will continue till 2015. It was adopted on 28 October 2010 by the National Child Care and Protection Forum.

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Proudly South African recently expressed its shock and sadness over the tragic news of a young girl who had been gang-raped by a group of seven youths. According to news reports, the Soweto youths filmed the crime in graphic detail on a cell phone, while their victim pleaded for mercy.

“South Africans must never sit back and accept abhorrent crimes as a way of life in our country. This isn’t what we as proud South Africans aspire to. It goes against the very grain of our humanity,” said Proudly SA CEO, Adv. Leslie Sedibe.

Adv. Sedibe called on the public not to view the video, which had gone viral on social media networks: “What have we become when children rape children and we as fellow South Africans stand by and watch something so evil, cruel, callous and inhumane? Even watching such a video after the fact is atrocious and abominable.”

As a result of the latest incident involving youths and violent behaviour, Proudly SA has committed to a school road-show against sexual violence and bullying – starting in the Soweto area. Proudly SA will be partnering with the Department of Basic Education; the Department of Women, Children and People with Disabilities; Crime Line; POWA; the Princess of Africa Foundation; the National Prosecuting Authority; the Film and Publications Board and SHOUT. Local celebrities who have committed to the campaign include Yvonne Chaka Chaka, PJ Powers, Rosie Motene, Baby Jake Matlala, Celeste Khumalo (Miss SA Teen) and Rosie Motene, among others.


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