About The Campaign - Overview

Proudly South African is the “buy local” campaign launched in 2001 by government, organised business, organised labour and community organisations (the constituencies represented in the National Economic Development and Labour Council – Nedlac) to boost job creation and pride in “local” by promoting South African companies and their ‘homegrown’ products and services.

Buying South African stimulates an increased demand for locally-produced products and services. This translates into the safeguarding of existing employment opportunities, economic growth, and the creation of more quality employment opportunities in our country.

By buying Proudly South African, both consumers and businesses are making a personal contribution to nation-building. Consumers get an assurance of quality because only quality products carry the Proudly South African mark, while members of the Campaign are furthermore committed to an uplifting ethos and socially responsible business practices which are reflected in the membership criteria. In this manner the Campaign represents and stimulates the creation of a virtuous circle which benefits all.

Membership is not restricted to a particular type of business or organisation. Any company or institution, whether it renders a professional service or is a manufacturing business; a public entity, sports body, school, tertiary institution, government department, municipality, NGO, town or city or even an individual, may be eligible to join the Campaign, provided that they support the Campaign’s overall aims and objectives and meet the Campaign’s membership criteria.

The qualifying criteria for Proudly SA membership are:

Local Content

At least 50% of the cost of production must be incurred in South Africa and there must be “substantial transformation” of any imported materials.

High Quality Product

The product or service must be of a proven high quality.

Fair Labour Practise

The company must comply with labour legislation and adhere to fair labour practices

Environmental Standards

The company must be environmentally responsible and adhere to production processes that are environmentally friendly and acceptable.

Based on voluntary association, Proudly South African clearly is much more than a marketing campaign – it is an internationally recognised competitiveness driver; an impetus for economic growth, employment creation, social change and greater overall prosperity.  So, remember to look for the Proudly South African logo when you make purchase decisions, or, apply for to become a member. Either way, supporting Proudly South African or being part of the Proudly South African community promises to be truly rewarding.