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 Corporate Governance Framework

  1. 17 Oct '12 More good news needed in SA
  2. 10 Oct 12: Taking privacy to the next level Final
  3. 08 October 2012 WHEN THE D&O COVER IS NOT ENOUGH
  4. 27 Sept'12 Diplomacy A fine line of truth
  5. 26 Sept '12 - CGF World Without Corruption participant
  6. 31 Aug'12 - To sue or not to sue_Arbitration Fina
  7. 22 Aug'12_Governing organisations on equal basis
  8. 01 Aug'12-Dismissing the UK Bribery Act could spell danger for SA companies
  9. 19 JULY'12-Something brewing after decades of talk UK Bribery Act'10
  10. 04 July '12 - Honourary Patron Wendy Luhabe
  11. 29 June 2012 Director's liability not that rosy
  12. 26 June 2012 Integrated Reporting a technical ISO challenge
  13. 25 June 2012 HumanCapital Sustainable
  14. From dark ages to enlightened reporting
  17. 13 Mar 2012-Heads in the Cloud
  18. 29 February'12-More than a secretary
  19. The bitter truth_Procurement fraud
  20. Did the Durban weather scare SA companies away from WCS 2011?
  21. Bronze tatus Final
  23. Staying ahead of change
  24. Time to ensure your position as net broadens for prescribed officers
  25. Accurate minute taking save reputation
  26. Rifle Shot awarded bronze status by CGF
  27. The NET Broadens for 'Prescribed Officers' of a company
  28. Honourary Patron: Tina Eboka - Adding some governance panache to CGF
  29. Increasingly complex questions
  30. Living out good corporate social values
  31. Corporate Governance Breakfast
  32. Governance Beyond Boards™ Intervention
  33. One Planet, One Chance...
  34. Honourary Patron: Bernard Peter Agulhas accountable to good governance
  35. Corporate SA celebrates life with Cancer survivors!
  36. Directors Beware - a new meaning to business rescue
  37. Managing Human Capital matters
  38. The challenges of green
  39. Counting each drop
  40. Frustrating the transaction
  41. Until death us do part?
  42. Those Were the Days...Of Directorships
  43. CGF Extends Its Governance Services with New Appointment
  44. GF receives a governance boost from its Honorary Patron - J Michael Judin
  45. Focus on future plans of SAPS
  46. Business will be called to account - IPAP2
  47. The anatomy of risk
  48. iSPartners - Bronze Patron of CGF Research Institute
  49. MDGs slipping away: Have our leaders performed?
  50. CGF Research Institute (Pty) Ltd Receives Proudly SA Campaign Champion Award
  51. Directors and managers should know - but do they want to?
  52. When IT Governance becomes a tangible asset
  53. Safeguarding against workplace violence
  54. When women win
  55. IBM plays pivotal role in governance
  56. CGF and EO Collaborate To Enhance SA Directorships
  57. CGF Attracts Another Lady Honorary Patron - Devi Sankaree Govender
  58. Nepotism - The good, bad and ugly
  59. Grappling with risk - A boardroom challenge
  60. Protection Of Personal Information Bill Of 2009 (Popi)
  61. Caught between a rock and hard place
  62. MDGs-Another count down
  63. Directors and managers become easy targets
  64. CGF puts company officers on the fast track to success
  65. CGF appointed SAFG 100 nominating partner
  66. Kidnapped: Protecting Your Key Assets
  67. Careful about that 'great buy'-it may cost you dearly
  68. Escrow - a key component of risk management
  69. Measured continuity is good governance
  70. Technology Escrow-Safeguarding the continuity of your business
  71. CGF goes MAD with six world class rugby captains
  72. Powering possibilities - Starting with the small things
  73. M&A: Being prepared for the roller coaster
  74. Poor governance leads to ivory towers
  75. For the sake of our children and planet earth
  76. Spescom extends the benefits of its CGF Silver patronage to supply chain and customers
  77. ContinuitySA extends benefits of CGF Platinum Patronage to its supply chain
  78. Consumer Protection Act - Is your company ready?
  79. Directors squeezed for more value delivery
  80. Dr Mathews Phosa - Winds of Change
  81. CGF’S First Lady Honorary Patron: Professor Shirley Zinn
  82. Preparing small business for the big league
  83. Spescom becomes Silver Patron of CGF Research Institute
  84. Consumer Protection Act Empowers Consumers - Businesses To Beef Up Practices To Meet Requirements
  85. Expect tough opposition - Are you ready for the CPA?
  86. Spescom Forms Strategic Alliance With CGF Research Institute
  87. ContinuitySA: Platinum Patron of CGF Research Institute
  88. The CSI Toolkit: Special Discounts
  89. A Class with a Difference
  90. New Companies Act 2008 places emphasis on corporate governance compliance for all companies, including CCs
  91. Dealing with contractual disputes more effectively
  92. Rebuilding the Zimbabwean ICT sector
  93. IIR is Proud to Announce its Strategic and Media Partnership with CGF Research Institute
  94. B-BBEE: Verification Manual - Relevance and importance
  95. Contracts Management
  96. The Municipal Finance Management Act, No.56 of 2003 (MFMA)
  97. Using IT Governance to ensure top performance
  98. Feeling the sting after the contract
  99. Information is essential to expand the value chain
  100. Bottlenecks caused through fear of the MFMA
  101. Researchers collaborate to provide golden thread between governance and tax
  102. Corporate Governance in a turbulent economy - an integral component of ALM
  103. Gearing SA businesses for tough economic and social challenges in 2009
  104. BEE verification/accreditation process back on track:
    – Relevance and importance of the B-BBEE Verification Manual
  105. Public Private Partnerships - A win-win recipe for development and economic empowerment
  106. The Southern African Development Community (SADC)
  107. Fleet Street Publications: Special discounts extended to CGF constituents
  108. An integrated connection - Risk Management & Business Continuity Management
  109. The Global SME Business Toolkit
  110. Corporate Governance boost for SMEs in SA & SADC region
  111. US legislation: How the FCPA affects SA companies trading in the US?
  112. The new standard for electronic business reporting: XBRL
  113. The UN Global Compact
  114. Proudly South African & CGF Research Institute - Strategic partners in pursuit of good corporate citizenship
  115. Do not fall victim to identity crime – CGF focus on identity theft & fraud
  116. Crime Trilogy To Promote Crime Awareness, Business & Co-Branding Opportunities: 17 December 2007 – 29 February 2008
  117. Measuring and benchmarking social investments is good busines
  118. The Corporate Law Amendment Act 2006 ("Amendment Act 2006")
  119. To BEE or not to BEE?

 Information on Corporate Governance

  1. Human Capital: Company Secretariat, Legal & Compliance Survey
  2. Private funding of South African political parties
  3. Threats and Safeguards to Auditor Independence
  4. Succession planning - Human resources
  5. Risks facing the Financial Services Industry
  6. Risk management of Intellectual Property in ICT - Professional Active Escrow
  7. The practice of Records Management
  8. Money laundering
  9. Managing conflicts of interests effectively
  10. South African Corporate Law Reform
  11. The low-down on Insider Trading
  12. International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)
  13. Diversity management
  14. Principles of business ethics & corporate ethical culture
  15. BEE - A strategic business imperative
  16. Advancing Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment in South Africa
  17. Governance of Income Tax
  18. Gauging Corporate Governance
  19. Organisational perspectives of the benefits of XBRL
  20. Policy Templates Handbook
  21. Medical Scheme Governance
  22. BEE Codes of Good Practice
  23. The Cost of Crime
  24. Reportable Irregularities
  25. An integrated connection-Risk Management & Business Continuity Management
  26. Risk management of Intellectual Property in ICT - Professional Active Escrow

Customer references

" . . . we congratulate your company on both the professional approach & excellent Corporate Governance articles it has been providing through the Corporate Governance Framework. The articles are relevant, informative, well researched & easily disseminated to the business as required." - SAB Miller

" It has saved us considerable time & effort of not having to pursue in-depth research on governance, ethics & sustainability topics on our own." - Nedcor

" CGF approaches the subject of Corporate Governance in a "no nonsense" manner . . . their program & material is a must for all ethically serious public & private enterprises. " - Andrew Levy Education

" . . . (CGF has developed) a successful model to systematically analyze the complex subject of corporate governance . . ." - Cell C

" We are using the Corporate Governance Framework report and updates provided by CGF and are delighted with its contents, professionalism and insight. The company has, and will continue to derive, enormous benefit from CGF's knowledge and direction." - ContinuitySA

" . . . conveyed in an informative & thoroughly professional manner which left the entire team under no illusions as to the extent the importance of Corporate Governance & it's implications. " - Dell SA

" The updates reflect the latest information both locally & internationally, and enable us to keep pace with best practice in that regard . . . they are very comprehensive & allow us to access a wide range of materials without having to spend long hours on the research ourselves. . ." - Nedbank

" . . . we have found it to be very comprehensive & very useful in helping us to approach the many aspects of Corporate Governance in a systematic way & to strive towards best practice in this regard. We have no reservations about having subscribed for this service." - Sappi

" CGF provides a valuable tool for the company secretary who wishes to not only stay abreast of new developments in the area of corporate governance and related areas, but also to expand his/her knowledge base in a variety of highly relevant topics and to widely circulate this information, in a number of ways, to the benefit of the company, its directors, management and staff. " - Iscor Ispat

" The monthly updates are very helpful and reflect a wealth of experience and knowledge . . . the product is reliable, efficient and definitely cost effective, as a lot of value is received at a minimal subscription cost! Your product and the additional service that you provide are recommended to any company secretary wishing to sleep better at night!" - Harmony Gold Mining Company

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"Integrity is not a ninety percent thing, not a ninety-five percent thing. Either you have it or you don’t.

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