CGF- Proudly South African
Annual School Governance Awards

We thought you may be interested to learn about the CGF- Proudly South African Annual School Governance Awards for the government schools in SA. This new initiative is a national drive within 28,000 public schools vis-à-vis the improvement of school governance (an initiative being driven from the “top down” so to speak).


Essentially, a new category of school governance awards will be added to the annual Proudly South African (Proudly SA) Gala event, which has until recently only recognized and awarded various categories of corporate businesses, SME and SOE for various elements of business achievements.


From this year onwards, the Proudly SA Campaign, supported by Nedlac, will recognize those public schools for their achievement of good governance as determined through pre-set qualification criteria that will measure the degree of certain behaviours and disciplines practiced by the participating schools. This annual award will be open to all public schools, large, small, urban and rural based.


The pre-set criteria to determine a school’s adherence and compliance was drafted by CGF Research Institute, and was assisted by two recognized schooling authorities in this subject and authors of books in this regard, namely Dr Richard Hayward and Mr Alan Clark. Both these individuals and their respective publishers, as well as the Proudly SA Campaign and the South African Quality Institute (SAQI), have thrown their full support behind this initiative.


Clearly, such an initiative within our schools -- including the call for accountability at all its management levels -- is desperately needed and we are most certain that this initiative will get 100 % support not only from corporate businesses, but indeed our government through the influence of Nedlac, amongst other.





At the heart of these annual awards and recognition, lies the need to cause the necessary change for good; such that the quality of the school’s management and discipline factors will be the primary focus. This will be followed by the manner in which scholars, collectively, ‘walk the extra mile’ and visibly show -- continuously -- their actual commitment and practices for self improvement. These factors, amongst other, will form the basis of some of the criteria to which schools will be measured to determine a yearly winner, second and third runner up. To this end, the criteria does not comprise any heavy weightings placed upon academic results, but rather such criteria which is within the control of any public school, be these in the rural communities or urban sub centers. This has purposefully been built within the recognition criteria so that the playing fields are leveled and that there are no unfair, anti-competitive advantages when comparing the size, location and support of schools as they are found in different areas across South Africa.


As of the ceremonial hand-over, the project is now officially owned by Proudly SA, and patroned by CGF. The school governance awards annual event will now feature as part of the Proudly SA Annual Gala Awards, which is usually attended by corporate and government guests (and dignitaries) which usually exceeds 1100 each year. The Proudly SA -- and supported by CGF -- will approach corporate businesses each year to request three prizes for the three winning schools which is envisaged to comprise a first prize cheque of R100,000.00, followed by R50,000.00, followed by a R25,000.00 for the third runner up. Similar to the rigorous judging and verification of the Proudly SA Corporate Award Winners, schools entering the annual school governance awards event will also be adjudicated using the same stringent standards to determine the final winners. There are no costs attached to this initiative for schools whatsoever.



I have attached the first article which was released last week Thursday by the Mail & Guardian. We will be preparing more articles for the press as well as regular news features with the Mail & Guardian’s monthly publication called The Teacher to promote this initiative amongst the 28,000 government schools in SA. (I also could not resist attaching the Western Cape Provincial Government Premier, Helen Zille’s inspiring article which is a “must read” for all schools, all businesses and all leaders in our country.)


The articles and criteria forms will initially be marketed through the monthly national school newspaper called The Teacher – which is produced by the Mail & Guardian and distributed to government schools at no cost.




As the Honorary Patron of this initiative, CGF has a very ambitious target to raise R5,000,000.00 by 1st Q 2011 in order to purchase two books, namely Making Quality Education Happen: A Guide for Every Teacher (published by Caxtons) and The Handbook for School Governors (published by MacMillan). These funds will be used to provide each of the 28,000 schools a copy of these books (at no cost to the schools), complimented by a Proudly SA entry form for the annual awards to begin the process of corporate governance awareness; starting with the school principals (aka CEO’s), working through the teachers (aka Management) and uniting this process with the scholars (aka stakeholders and future leadership of South Africa.)


Whilst many principals and school teachers require such handbooks to improve their own understanding of Total Quality Education, Leadership and Communication, the harsh reality is that they - and their schools do not have the funding to purchase such books, which further exacerbates our national schooling and ailing education dilemma.


Please note that neither CGF, the Proudly South African Campaign nor Nedlac stands to benefit from any commercial gain.




Without having the need to cite any poor governance examples within our schools; there is no doubt that this is a very necessary and critical imperative which if left alone – is destined to rot even further, not least the devastation it can cause to our future generations, its leadership and our country. Accordingly, this initiative has been designed and developed entirely for the aim to promote good governance and its principles within all government schools in South Africa which will have a long lasting impact not only upon the schools and its management, but indeed also the scholars and the national morale of our beautiful country.


Please find below in PDF format the criteria which has now been agreed for the schools to compete on, as well as the first media release made by the Mail & Guardian.


Media release made by the Mail & Guardian


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