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The Cost of Crime


Crime has a significant effect on professional service delivery and reputation. These crimes can cause the loss of scarce and valuable resources. Incidences of crime such as corruption cause mistrust in the administration of an institution and place management under pressure. The detection and investigation of these crimes are costly and has an adverse effect on worker morale and productivity.


A number of items of national legislation, such as the Prevention and Combating of Corrupt Activities Act of 2004, the Promotion of Administrative Justice Act of 2000, the Protected Disclosures Act of 2000, the Public Finance Management Act of 1999, the Financial Intelligence Centre Act of 2001 and the Prevention of Organized Crime Act of 1998, are aimed at preventing and deterring crime. A duty is placed on organizations to assist in this task by formulating and implementing crime-prevention and detection policies and by reporting crimes to the authorities.


This legislative duty is echoed by the King II Report on Corporate Governance, which recommends that companies implement proper risk-management procedures and sound crime-prevention policie


CGF Policy Templates

CGF Research Institute (Pty) Ltd recently released a 'Policy Templates Handbook', which may assist organizations in fulfilling the requirements of their crime-prevention and detection policies. The Handbook contains, amongst others, policy templates for Ethics, Fraud, Theft, Whistle-Blowing and White-Collar crime. Each policy template provides practical and to-the-point guidelines in terms of the policy structure and content, and serves as an ideal framework against which to formulate and implement new policies or benchmark existing ones. The 'Policy Templates Handbook' has been partly developed from the extensive material contained in CGF's Body of Knowledge, which content showcases the editorial contribution and peer reviews of institutions and academics widely recognized for their thought leadership in their area of expertise, as well as the endorsement of the Institute of Directors (IoD) in South Africa.


Furthermore, our selected network of partners may assist you with the formulation, implementation or enforcement of any of the crime prevention policies. Please contact us with your requirement to determine the manner in which we may assist you


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