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Proudly South African & CGF Research Institute - Strategic partners in pursuit of good corporate citizenship


Adhering to the tenets of good corporate governance is central to the ethos and principles of the Proudly South African Campaign. It is also increasingly being acknowledged as a non-negotiable requirement for sustainable business growth and prosperity. Proudly South African is, therefore, proud to announce that the Campaign has formally concluded a strategic partnership with CGF Research Institute (Pty) Ltd (“CGF”) to promote good corporate citizenship, especially amongst Proudly South African member companies.


No company is exempt from the need to develop and apply sound corporate governance principles and to institute high ethical values for the benefit of investors, their stakeholders and the communities in which they operate.


CGF offers an invaluable service to organisations in South Africa through the sharing of knowledge and research on matters related to corporate governance, in a bid to increase the awareness of good governance at all levels within an institution. It, amongst others, assists companies to find a balance between their individual (profit) and communal goals, and to come to grips with the negative implications of non-compliance. CGF’s customers cite reduced research time, quick access to accurate information, followed by significant cost savings by not conducting the research in-house; and enhanced awareness of governance best practices across all functions as some of the top-of-mind benefits associated with the use of CGF’s services.


Says Manana Moroka, CEO, Proudly South African, “We are proud of this association as good Corporate Governance is critical to progress in our society and the business world at large. CGF has developed a successful model to systematically analyze the complex subject of corporate governance. They make it easy for businesses to understand and implement the principles and we believe that our members and the business community at large can benefit from their experience and service products”.


“Proudly SA is fortunate to have CGF as a strategic partner – and as a member company which strongly supports and upholds the values of the Proudly SA campaign. We would like to commend CGF on their corporate contribution towards an increased understanding of Corporate Governance issues in South Africa and look forward to working with CGF in this context”.


Terry Booysen, CEO of CGF confirms that CGF’s products and services have been designed to assist all organisations in achieving the objectives of entrenching and complying with appropriate Corporate Governance practices. “Globally, Corporate Governance has emerged as a discipline that needs to be thoroughly understood by the entire business community in order to shape future strategic direction and guide operational conduct, principally by those who exercise, or advise on, fiduciary duties. We are excited about the recognition as a formal strategic partner of Proudly SA. We believe the platform will allow us to have an even greater impact in South Africa and become more accessible for smaller businesses as well”, he said.


This newsletter has been supplied courtesy of CGF Research Institute (Pty) Ltd, a strategic partner of Proudly South African.


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