Compliance monitoring

The Proudly South African brand has accrued considerable value since the Campaign was established in 2001. This is confirmed by, amongst others, the prestigious Superbrands status bestowed on the Campaign by the internationally reputed, independent brand adjudicators, Superbrands Company, and the good awareness rate the Campaign enjoys.

To ensure that those elements that collectively promote the desirability and reputation of the brand are retained it is important to ensure that members of the Campaign, or companies that apply for membership meet or exceed the criteria for membership.

Compliance monitoring is, therefore, a critical function that the Campaign performs to protect the integrity of the brand. It also safeguards the interests of all members by ensuring that the Proudly South African logo is only used by companies that are eligible to do so.

The Campaign’s Compliance Unit performs regular compliance checks relating to new membership applications and membership renewals. It also follows up on cases where the logo is used illegally by companies that are not members of the Campaign, or in cases where members that had cancelled their membership continue to use the logo after the allocated phase-out period had lapsed. Where necessary the Campaign’s intellectual property attorneys are instructed to act on specific issues.

The Compliance Unit is constantly following-up with members to obtain any outstanding or updated documentation where such documentation is found to be lacking following a compliance audit.

The Compliance Monitoring function is a core element of the Campaign’s Quality Management System and part of Proudly South Africa’s own commitment to good governance.

Consumers who look for and purchase Proudly South African products and services are key stakeholders in the Campaign and it is vital that they have confidence that the logo is being utilized according to the rules and conditions detailed in the Code of Practice for Members. Misuse of the Proudly South African logo will undermine the scheme for all members and consumer stakeholders.

Non-compliance with the criteria of the Campaign will dilute the Proudly South African brand value and also undermines the Campaign’s marketing efforts. Therefore, members have an obligation to comply with the criteria of the Campaign. Members are also obliged to establish and maintain systems and policies to ensure that their employees and agents know and comply with their responsibilities in terms of the use of the Proudly South African logo.

Compliance Manager:

Mpho Thothela

Compliance Consultants:

Tinyiko Mathebula

Nkhensani Malungani