Marketing - Annual Reports

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Report for 2010/2011

When I look back over the last year, there is one
thing that makes me very proud, our members. They have chosen to stay with us, loyally supporting the
Campaign and enhancing its profile with their
business calibre.

Report for 2008/2009

Proudly South African's quest is to spread the Buy
Local message through its Consumer Education Outreach campaign that conveys an important message to educate current members, prospective members and consumers on the significance of buying local. In short, any organisation, business or company that supports the campaign's aims and objectives is required to consistently inspire an increased natural focus on the quality of locally-produced products and services.

Report for 2007/2008

It has truly been a privilege to again serve a Campaign with such a deserving mandate – the safeguarding of employment and the creation of new opportunities through the promotion of innovative homegrown companies and their products and services. This very ethos has been abundantly demonstrated by member companies which, through their own commitment to excellence, economic empowerment and growth, give credence to the very cause Proudly South African champions – economic growth and employment creation.

Report for 2006/2007

For Proudly South African the past year has been challenging, yet rewarding - characterised by phenomenal change and adaptation following the overhaul of the administration with the implementation of the Campaign’s turnaround strategy.

Report for 2005/2006

Constant change/adaptation is a business imperative for survival and the Proudly South African Campaign has not escaped this requirement. The Campaign has grown phenomenally during its founding years and has now reached the stage where the successes achieved in terms of overall awareness during Phase 1 need to be converted into the appropriate (tangible) consumer behaviour in Phase 2 – “Buy Local” on a grand scale.

Report for 2004/2005

Proudly South African continues to grow – not just in terms of the number of companies that join the campaign, but also in terms of the impact it has on job creation and poverty alleviation. When the campaign was launched three years ago, it set broad objectives, such as promoting and creating awareness of the products and services of members, but most importantly, to add value to members’ businesses.