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23 January 2012

As part of our Back to School campaign, Proudly South African will feature 3 member companies who are making a positive difference in education, the lives of our children and in job creation.

This week we speak to Minieze Taylor, Corporate Social Investment Manager, at GreenOFFICE whose focus is educating our youth about environmental responsibility and the positive difference they can make to their school and their community.

What is the greenSCHOOL programme?
“The greenSCHOOL programme was launched to get learners, their parents, teachers and the community involved in making a positive difference on our planet.  The greenSCHOOL programme is a corporate social investment (CSI) initiative of greenOFFICE, which aims to assist learners in actively participating in recycling programmes while also raising funds for their school’s green initiatives such as waste management. 

How do learners get involved in greenSCHOOL?
Learners can collect used printer cartridges from home or from local businesses and take them to school where greenOFFICE collects them.  Some of our schools have been actively taking part in collections for the last five years.  The funds generated from the cartridges go to the school and for every 100 cartridges collected; greenOFFICE donates a tree to the school. Over the past year, greenOFFICE has donated more than 30 trees to schools nationwide.

In order to achieve this success, the greenSCHOOL programme is constantly educating the learners on recycling and the benefits thereof.  Together with Eco-schools (registered with WESSA); we assist them in reaching the much sought-after Green Flag Status by supplying them with all the necessary documents on their recycling efforts.  However, we offer the same assistance to non-eco-schools to keep them informed and motivated to continue their great work.

How does greenOFFICE go about educating schools about this programme?
We attend school assemblies and various school functions. The greenSCHOOL programme has the opportunity to reach future recyclers and convey the message of being sustainable in simple and practical way.

Our 2009 Proudly South African award for Best CSI Programme is a testimonial to greenOFFICE’s commitment to the greenSCHOOL programme.  The 2011 Proudly South African award for Green Company of the Year gives us confidence that greenOFFICE’s CSI programme can only grow and reach the bigger and better heights.

What has been some of the highlights of your business?
The ability to grow the greenSCHOOL programme from its humble beginnings to where we are today has certainly been an achievement for us. The programme started with only four schools in 2006 and grew to assist over 55 schools in 2011.

Why did you to join the Proudly South African campaign?
The Proudly South African campaign is a good reflection of what greenOFFICE and the greenSCHOOL programme stands for.  We believe that sustainability must start from the grass root level and therefore we are proud to invest not only in our local economy, but in our communities, our youth and our future generation.
What are some of the challenges you face in your business?
The lack of education stops a lot of people from recycling or from doing it properly.  The greenSCHOOL programme is constantly educating the community as we found that there is definitely a lack of knowledge and skills. Together with the greenSCHOOL programme, we are slowly, but surely reaching a group of young minds that will grow up to become the ambassadors of recycling in their homes and communities.”

What are your goals for 2012?
“The greenSCHOOL programme hopes to assist the company in reaching their goal of collecting 100000 cartridges in 2012.  The greenSCHOOL programme will also aim to contribute to the cradle-to-grave solution that greenOFFICE brings.  This means that we would like to keep all the cartridges we collect out of landfill and have them recycled by our non-profit organization, greenABLE.  Naturally we would like to add more schools to our programmes since more schools translate into bigger change and a bigger positive difference.  Continuing a great relationship with current schools is vital to the success of greenSCHOOL, so this is definitely a goal for 2012 and beyond.”

CAPTION: Green Office Agent: Pierre Lamont and students from Maragon Private School with their collection of used cartridges.
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