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EVALUNET – Helping your children to GetAhead and master Math.


Over the last 3 weeks Proudly South African featured 3 member companies who are making a positive difference in education, the lives of our children and in job creation.

In the last insert of our back-to-school series we spoke to MD of EvaluNet, Dereck Marnewick, whose business specializes in developing educational software for schools in South Africa.

Tell us how your business got started?
EvaluNet was established in 1995 with 2 employees developing software to help build a brighter future for children. Now 16 years later, EvaluNet has 8 people working in their team.

What is the product or service you supply to the education sector?
We develop educational software for South African teachers and learners. Some of our well-known brands include GetAhead, MathPRO and EvaluNet XT. We’re also highly active in the online space with our Teacher’s Monthly online magazine at and our new online educational shop called Click2Learn,

What has been some of the highlights of our business?
At EvaluNet, we are determined to build South Africa’s most customer-focused business. Our achievements happen almost daily, when we hear how satisfied and happy our customers are – children’s school results are improving because of our software! It was also a moment for us to be nominated a finalist in the Cape Talk Nedbank Small Business Awards and the Tech4Africa Innovation Award.

Why did you to join the Proudly South African campaign?
We believe in South Africa. We believe in the fighting spirit of South African’s and we’re passionate about building a brighter future for this country. We joined the Proudly South African campaign back in 2002 as a public display of our patriotism and to show that South African software is just as good as, if not better than, our overseas counterparts.

What are some of the challenges you face in your business?
Technology changes at a rapid rate. And so has the South African school curriculum over the past few years. We’re continually challenged to innovate and design software that is meaningful and relevant for teachers and learners.

What are your goals for 2012?
We’ll continue to build South Africa’s most customer-focused business throughout 2012. We are aiming to rapidly expand our home user range through targeted marketing and we’re going to continue investing heavily in ecommerce.

Contact details of organisation.
Name of MD: Dereck Marnewick
Website address:
Tel: 021 595 0333