Membership - Benefits

Members derive value from ongoing advertising, promotion and consumer education campaigns to encourage consumers in all market segments to “buy South African” and to actively look for the Proudly South African logo. The logo provides member companies’ products with a distinct quality endorsement, and encourages consumers to choose Proudly South African-branded products. A wide range of organisations, including companies, parastatals, government departments, municipalities, universities, local communities and other Proudly South African members are giving preference to the products and services of Proudly South African companies when they buy or procure goods and services.

The Campaign, amongst others, also affords members access to retail promotional activities relating to Proudly South African Week.

The key benefits of membership are:

  • The use of the Proudly South African logo which is a recognised endorsement of quality.
  • Members can benefit from the Campaign’s marketing strategy and activities that encourage the purchasing/procurement of members’ products and services.
  • Participating in joint promotions with Proudly South African, from school campaigns to major exhibitions.
  • Through dedicated forums, members enjoy frequent business and networking opportunities with members, other businesses and strategic stakeholders as well.
  • The online Members Portal offers an interactive link where members promote their companies to other members (inter member trade), in addition to having access to the membership database.
  • Listing on an interactive search facility on our website which allows consumers and businesses to search for products and services of Proudly South African member companies.
  • Access to the Campaign’s communication platforms such as the Electronic newsletter, Proud! magazine and Product booklet.